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Archer's Barging Services Ltd.: Serving Customers for Over Four Generations in the Muskoka Lakes

At Archer’s Barging Services Ltd., we treat the customer like family! We’re dedicated to achieving and maintaining a quality and lasting working relationship with all of our customers. We are here to meet all your excavation and material transportation needs in Browning Island.


Our customers can expect knowledgeable attention to detail with service using only the most up-to-date and properly maintained equipment available. Because we always honour the prices and quotes that we have agreed upon with our customers prior to completion, our customers can also expect honesty and integrity.


We offer services for:

Septic systems
Steel docks building
Tennis courts
Delivery of all material
Septic installation


Barging is an important service that involves supplying contractors and building materials to remote locations and also includes transportation of heavy equipment. Just call us for your needs.


We have been providing landscape construction solutions to the people in and around Muskoka Lakes for over four generations. As your go-to landscaping and hardscaping service providers, we can help you with all your landscape designs, excavations, granite walls and patios, and water features. Our designs can be customized according to your requirements to fulfill your specific needs.

Dock Building

We provide installation of steel docks to give a solid footing to your structures. Steel docks are not only durable, stable and long-lasting but also practically maintenance-free. What’s more, they are also environmentally friendly. So, call us today to install steel docks on your property and save your docks from deterioration for years to come.

Need Urgent Delivery of Construction Material?

Give us a call and we will offer timely and trusted delivery solutions to you.

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